Diagnostic & Design

  • The initial step is to analyse the curent financial system, looking into earlier modifications and their levels of effectiveness, as well as recognizing deficiencies and system documentation.
  • In-depth analysis of changes needed for implementation, effects of these changes and readiness for adoption.
  • Prepare a detailed GAP analysis report on each pillar of change, such as Financial Statements, Human Resources Policy Architecture, Risk & Control and Information Systems
  • Develop roadmaps for the implementation of a system, along with comprehensive documented strategies to ensure successful adoption.
  • Design a system that encompasses an internal and external audit process from both the auditee’s and auditor’s perspectives.
  • Design a system that meets the requirements of public sector sustainability reporting based on ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) factors.


  • Assist in developing and integrating new systems-compliant, tailor-made infrastructures and their maintenance.
  • Design, develop and deliver reform modifications that will require to implement the new system.
  • Deliver the desired changes that are being implemented and analyze the efficiency of the results.
  • Deliver IPSAS-compliant financial statements with comparisons and changes made.
  • Strengthen day-to-day accounting operations in line with new systern specifications.
  • Aid in the solutions of audit modifications and install solutions to audit recommendations.

Drill on Post-Implementation

  • Examine the results of implemented changes, & make recommendations to address any gaps.
  • Evaluate new changes if any, if they can help create value, and their adoption.
  • Address the needs of the Asset management system to minimize risk and optimize performance.
    Conducting detailed PFM compliance and engagement studies.


  • Training is designed to equip people with the skills necessary to change systems.
  • Evaluate participants’ technical, information systems, and operations competencies, and design action Plans to bring about desired changes to them.
  • Provide day-to-day operational guidance and training on new changes or updated Standards.
  • Provide knowledge resources in all channels of delivery of training.
  • Establish a strong post-training support system to resolve day-to-day queries and new changes adoption.
  • Training on various courses with the target to develop professional skills in the area of PFM from globally acclaimed institutions such as CIPFA, ACCA, etc.


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